Indulge in the luxury of Mulberry Silk with our carefully selected and sourced Silk that is crafted from the long fibres of the Mulberry Silkworm. Beautiful to see, touch, and feel, our Silk feels like a feather on your body. Its temperature regulating properties makes it perfect for any weather keeping you warm in the winters and cold in the summers while its moisture wicking properties ensure that you stay dry and comfortable all day and night.

Free of harmful chemicals during the dyeing process, our Mulberry Silk sleep and loungewear is perfect for your body’s skin. Elevate your sleep and rest time with our impeccably crafted Silk pieces.

Lasts a lifetime with proper care, and gets only softer each time you wear it.

Plant Based Fabrics

With sustainability and utmost comfort on top of our minds, we work with textile designers and manufacturers to carefully design and source plant-based fabrics and fabric blends that are great not just for you but also the earth. 

Our Modal and Viscose fabrics made from beech and eucalyptus trees are woven to perfection and dyed in the most sustainable way using dyes and dyeing processes to ensure pure comfort and durability. 

Our Viscose and Modal fabrics are the softest, breathable, and temperature regulating, making them an excellent choice for resting, lounging or stepping out for a cup of coffee.

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