Social Media & Brand Manager

Role: Social Media & Brand Manager

Location: Hyderabad

 We at Sleeplove are looking for a Social Media Manager who can enhance our brand and build strong online communities through our various social media platforms. You as a Social Media Manager will be the backbone of the brand’s social presence and will be responsible for developing and administering social media content that is designed to engage users and create an interactive relationship between consumers and the brand. You will also collect and review social media data to develop more effective campaigns.

 You can expect hustle, chaos, challenges, learning and growth at Sleeplove


Key Responsibilities, but are not limited to: 

  1. Create social media content strategy for the brand
  2. Take ownership of content planning and developing concepts and ideas for social media feed across platforms
  3. Handle organising, creating, and scheduling of content
  4. Creative copywriting for social media
  5. Social media content creation with in-house photoshoots
  6. Social media content creation through influencers and other collaborations
  7. Track the performance of all the social media platforms and work on improving the key metrics
  8. Manage and engage with relevant profiles across all social media platforms
  9. Identify and engage with stylists, influencers, brands etc to build organic relationships for the brand to leverage upon
  10. Develop monthly social media campaigns and collaboration campaigns and execute them


Essential Skillset:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications or related field
  2. 1 year experience in social media/marketing communication or relevant roles
  3. Knowledge of Instagram/Facebook algorithm
  4. Creative writing skills required for social media content
  5. Good sense of aesthetics
  6. Knowledge of premium fashion, and wellness industry
  7. Experience with Canva or adobe creative suite or related applications to work on social media creatives
  8. Exceptionally organised, and great at multi-tasking
  9. Great collaboration and negotiation skills
  10. Updated on current social media trends


Instagram: If you think you’re a great fit for the role, we’d love to connect with you. Email us at with your resume, and any work samples or references that you may have.


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