Our Story

We at Sleeplove believe that the joy of being alive is best experienced when moments spent with self flow seamlessly, uninterrupted. The inspiration behind finding deeper levels of comfort within the company of being with oneself is from the little joys we dare to explore while in our own skin.

We at Sleeplove, aim to create every piece to feel like second skin, creating a feeling so personalised that every woman would desire to own it. Each product made from carefully selected natural and plant based fabrics entwines care, joys and affection towards self and soul carefully silver-lining simpler moments of life. They are designed to interact with you, your daily hustles and provide you with your stories every day and night, if only you take a moment to hear them say it all.

It’s the little moments that we enjoy most, little things that we appreciate most and little comforts that we long for that make our lives complete. We aim to create mornings that are longed for and nights which are craved for while being all in the sleep and lounge essentials made for you.

Each piece reminds you to pause and celebrate life.

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