Summer Child SS24'

From the sleepy fields of Northern Europe to the Sleeplove studio, the Summer Child Collection is finally live! The collection began with one aim: to capture the golden essence of summer. Inspired by folklore and the warm season, Summer Child is a collection with a story in every stitch.
What Inspired Us? 
Our initial chat with our print designer, Betsey Elias, kicked off with the simple idea of “summer.” We explored a variety of concepts, from classic florals to the trendy midsummer theme. We got into the creative zone with moodboards, artboards, and vision boards, all leading us toward the image that would shape our print.
Once we had our inspiration nailed down, we got to work on designing motifs and prints for the collection. Our goal was to capture the carefree spirit of summer, and that required a lot of collaboration to find the sweet spot between playful and elegant.
Betsey’s playful and whimsical style meshed perfectly with our vision, and together we created the gorgeous Summer Child motifs and prints that we can't wait to share with you.
What is our print all about?
Summer is all about joy, new beginnings, and a zest for life. The frolicking rabbit, dancing lady, flying bluebird, bright flower, resting lady, and soft sun shining over the entire scene remind everyone of a quaint Swedish village, a snapshot of an ideal, laid-back summer day. Representing freedom, rebirth, hope, adventure, and joy, these motifs captured the essence of summer that we wanted to showcase with our summer collection.
We decided to take a fresh approach with the colours we picked for this print. Instead of just focusing on being bold and eye-catching, we went with a softer palette that lets the eye relax while still appreciating the playful design. The greenish-blue teal was our top choice to capture the collection's whimsical vibe perfectly.
How did we choose our fabric?
With our colours and prints ready to go, we hit a major milestone: choosing the perfect fabric. This summer, we made sure to pay attention to what you wanted and kept that in mind as we made our selection. While the best summer fabrics include silk, linen, and cotton, we care not just about how the fabric feels, but also how the print comes to life in our design silhouettes.
That’s why we brought in new fabrics to the collection: 100% organic cotton and 100% organic linen. These are the stars of this collection—lightweight, breathable, and super stylish. 
Designing Unique Silhouettes
We had a blast experimenting with the silhouettes in the collection. From the airy, flowy lounge dresses to the sleek, straight-cut lounge sets, Summer Child offers you the freedom to move easily, whether you’re enjoying a relaxing summer walk or lounging by the beach. This collection adds a fresh twist to your everyday loungewear and nightwear\, blending youthful visuals with timeless, nostalgic silhouettes.
Getting the Details Right
With this collection, every stitch holds a story. From the intricate embroidery along the collar and sleeves to the bow accents adding a pop of charm, the collection is all about fine craftsmanship. Scattered throughout, you’ll find unique embroidered touches, romantic scalloped edges, distinctive pockets, a-line silhouettes, and bows on sleeves and around the waist—just a few features this collection proudly displays.
The Summer Child Collection
The Summer Child collection is all about creativity, storytelling, and total comfort. It's the perfect way to add a bit of magic to your wardrobe and we're so excited to share it with you. From the print to the detail, we’ve had so much fun bringing thi collection to life. We wanted to create pieces that moved with you and make every moment special. Join us in being summer children while we capture the golden essence of the season in our Summer Child Collection!